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Ask Me About Loom

“They can make me wear a nametag, they can make me personalize the nametag, but they can never make me take it seriously.”

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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (X360)

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What's Bloom?
A grocery store. I work in the deli there.
LMAO! Yes--if I saw that in a grocery store where I am, I would make certain to shop there more often XD.

So--tell me about Loom.
It's pretty boring, actually :|

And yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody who's ever come in and nobody I work with gets the joke. Or even realizes that there is a joke. It's a sad state of affairs, to be sure.
Isn't Loom what the place will be after a visit from the exterminator?
you should have put.

Ask me about Shrooms.
Or maybe everyone in the deli is named Orlando.
It's actually named after the sound made by the explosives we lovingly put in all of the food we sell.
Ask me about the Orlando Bloomin' Onion!!!
Ask me about my Bloomers!

Actually, I guess that would be me. Whenever they come on the P.A., they announce, "Hello, Bloomers!" before starting their message to one of their coworkers that their pizza's done cooking or whatever.

That's when the dorks up front aren't just breathing and whispering into the mic to fuck with people.
"What is under my trousers"
"My salty candy"
"My links to Al Queda"
"My plans to build a Death Star"
"The nuclear bomb faculty under my house"
"Stabbity house wares"
"Proper disposal methods for red stained gloves"
"Garden trowels for those big 'gardening' projects"
"where the bodies are hidden"
"how my day has been"
"how much my underwear makes me feel like a delicate flower"
"My OT Level"
"May 15, 2011 at roughly 11:00am"
"about the voices"
"fresh produce"
"gardening tips"
"counter movement politics"
"Pirating music"
"Talk like a pirate day"
"my voodoo magic abilities" (if they say they do not believe you, ask for some hair from them)
"Options for delivering the ransom of your children"
"Why I am smiling today"
"President Lincoln"
"Elvis" (it was a typo: I meant to write Elvira--I have yet to be able to telepathically contact Elvis)
"What purple tastes like."
"What music looks like."
"Where people go when they die"
"My 'exit' strategy"

You know--I am kind of glad employers do not read these pages.

Though, I think this post alone, could put the USA above Ambar alert to Orangish-Yellow alert.
@KatrinaTheLamia, you're surely already on their watch list, if that last post didn't overflow the save buffers of the NSA's snooper routine.
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