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Sgt. Cortez: Manly Man

“Real men like Sgt. Cortez just don't give a damn if there's a harpoon stuck in their neck. They've got a world to save.”

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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (XBOX)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 22/MAR/05
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It's just a flesh wound.
A mere scratch.
tis a mere scratch.
...but there's a lance in your n..

"no there isn't!"

look a dead guy ... lets go that way...
God I love this game, it's so damn funny. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that when you're doing 2 player, you miss a lot of the jokes.
You do! I noticed that when we played through last night. A real shame, really.
only a scratch
F_ck it!..u gotta do what u gotta do by any means necessary..
So HE was the white whale Captain Ahab was searching for in Mody Dick!
"Hey Sarge! Look out for that...ohhhhh, damn...".
so sarge, just curious.....were the stairs booby trapped? What? I can't understand you when you gurgle like that....
The best part is, we passed the guys with the harpoon guns way back at the beginning of the level. It wasn't until we were near the end of the level that we noticed it was even there.
Guess he'll have a problem if he has to sidestep through a narrow passage or hug the wall eh?
i think its a new fad. I once went around with a chainsaw sticking out of my head, everyone said the reflective metal teeth really brought out my eyes!
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