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amedeus8's gameplay for The Bouncer (PS2)

amedeus8 played The Bouncer

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amedeus8 said...
  • angry
I really was enjoying this game until this goddamn part, where I have to fight about fifty robots and two guards while I go down 9001 floors towards who knows what. When the challenge of the game comes from the fact that I want to do one attack and one attack only, but hitting the exact combination necessary for that attack sometimes does other, completely different attacks just because, then it's no longer fun. And when I get attacked when I'm already mid-attack and cannot block and die because of that, then it's no longer fun. And when I lose because while I'm fighting this stupid robot, the retarded AI with less health that cannot attack that I have to guard throughout all of this (my least favorite segment in just about any game, which doesn't stop it from appearing in every single one ever like the poorly-implemented stealth segment's retarded little sister, with low health that it has to protect of course) keeps running headfirst either between me and the robot I'm fighting, which then cuts her up, or straight into the other robot, which then sends her flying into me so we both get damaged... then it's no longer fun. And it doesn't help that every time I lose I have to go back through the title screen, load the game, skip a cutscene, wait through a load screen, skip a cutscene, choose Sion, skip a cutscene, and then skip *another* cutscene *every single time* I try again, then it's really trying my damn patience.

Other than that though, good game.
The Bouncer

The Bouncer (PS2)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 23/DEC/00
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