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amedeus8's gameplay for Hydro Thunder (ARC)

amedeus8 played Hydro Thunder

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amedeus8 said...
  • happy
Got the second-place high score on The Far East. Made my initials "GAY".
Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder (ARC)

Genre/Style: Racing/Boat/Watercraft Racing
Release Date:
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That's not very original, haha.
I'm going down the list. Each time I play I play a different course and make my high score a different set of initials. I have ASS, TIT, 666, and a couple others now across like six levels - including JIY because I couldn't get to the Z in time since the steering wheel was screwed up that day.. And KOK in the sequel, H2Overdrive. It's my own little arcade project.
I'm guessing the "@#$%" is a blocked word that begins with "A"?

Have you noticed that bleeped words don't always bleep out on the site, though? When I first posted that, it was bleeped for me, and now I can see it clearly lol
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