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amedeus8 said...
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Like a third of these games I just don't like, a third I like but are too hard, and a few of them are just right, but I can't see them holding my interest long enough to warrant actually buying them. Wound up getting Road Fighter and Adventure and enjoying them. Grabbed a couple medals on Road Fighter awhile.

I don't like this level system. 20 points to level 2? The most points you can get from any game is 15, which means I have to buy (or do really well on a single play of) at least two games to level up. And I mean, I did. But Adventure only has one type of medal, so I'd have to get that to be gold, and get all three golds on Road Fighter (probably won't happen), all just to get that Haunted House theme.

Just saying, I feel like I shouldn't have to either be God at a couple games or buy a bunch to unlock things here. Especially when a lot of stuff requires like level 27 or 36 or whatever to get.
Game Room

Game Room

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Note: I'm pretty sure the levels don't even go that high, but you get the gist.
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